Interior Design notes

These are my notes from Abstract The Art of Design, Episode 6: Ilse Crawford: Interior Design.

Keywords and Concepts

  • A client’s idea can intentionally be translated into space, furniture, food, uniforms, etc. that is prepared to reflect that idea.
  • Empathy with the client for whom you are designing something. At first: hold off your opinion. Watch and listen. “Two eyes, two ears and one mouth. Use them in that proportion”.
  • Interrogate.
  • Materials. More compelling when they are seen in context, in light, in association with the other materials it will with. We understand materials best by contrast.
  • Human engineering - wellbeing. Space and furniture design can encourage and influence people to behave and feel in a particular way. Airport lounge: How to create an environment where people feel better after they leave than when they arrived. They don’t know why they feel better, but it has been all orchestrated.
  • Good design comes from relationship with the maker. It takes may iterations to be refined enough for it to live on its own.