Learning for a Living

One of the activities I enjoy the most is learning.

In fact, this blog entry is my first step in a personal experiment to see if I can make a living out of learning. The project consists in documenting what I learn as I engage in the activities I am interested in, and then share what I’ve documented in a way that other people - hopefully - find useful.

To achieve this goal, I will be developing a system, a personal workflow, a platform from where to share, and I will also need the discipline to keep it all going. I will have to take notes as I engage in the activities I am learning, organize my thinking about what I have learned, think how it can be useful to others, write it, and then publish it in an accessible platform.

Current Learning

I am currently engaged and learning about the following two activities that I want to start this experiment with:

Nonprofit management

I run a small nonprofit in a rural area on the East Coast of the United States. I am the Executive Director of this nonprofit. Every day, I work hard to improve our operations, raise more money and increase our impact in the community we serve. There are many Executive Directors just like me out there, and I know that most of us are facing difficult challenges every day and figuring out how to deal with them on the go.

To access what I have to share regarding nonprofit management, go to - and please subscribe - the Nonprofit MBA.


I have been practicing Aikido regularly for the past two years. I had practiced way long ago in the past, on and off. I enjoy it very much and I feel very strongly about the principles of peaceful conflict resolution Aikido is built upon. Each time a practice Aikido, I walk off the practice matt a better person. I just can’t get enough of it.

If you are interested in reading about my Aikido learning, you can subscribe to this blog to get an update of when I get the Aikido webpage up and running.

My learning wish list

I also have much interest in the following three activities, but since I don’t engage in them frequently it will take me a while to share about them. If you are interested, subscribe to this blog to get updates on when I start sharing about these.


I discovered design thinking rather recently, and I have been blown away by its emphasis on process, as well as with its creative tools like prototyping and iterations. It’s just not the way I have been trained to think in the past. I feel that learning to think like a designer will enrich my current approach to my work by allowing me to exercise more creativity in my daily activities.


I was an improv actor for about two years. Improvisational acting is an extremely challenging and wonderful activity. It is deeply rooted in feelings, expression, and authenticity. The theory and practice of improv is incredibly rich and I can’t wait for another opportunity to dive in.


I’ve enjoyed programming since I was a kid, I even started pursuing a career in programming, but I had a change in heart back then. Today, there are personal (e.g. this experiment’s web pages) and work (a database app for my nonprofit) reasons why I keep having to do some ‘light’ programming. It is a powerful tool that I want to continue to play with.


Below is a list of the equipment that I used to write this post today. It all worked pretty well and fits in a small laptop bag:

  1. Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard.
  2. Nexus 10 Tablet, held up by the Logitech Keyboard.
  3. Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones.
  4. Pixel Phone by Google, running Google Play Music to listen to classical music.
  5. 10 ft long mini usb charging cable for the Nexus.

I am running the following Apps on my Nexus:

  1. iA writer, to write the post - I really like the interface.
  2. Dropbox, connected to iA writer to store each post.
  3. Mr Hyde, to commit and push the new post to Github.

To publish the blog I use Jekyll running on Github.